When The Ship Comes In…

Making of “VIVO”, the new seafood restaurant in Florence, almost finished!
Interior design by SUPERFUTUREDESIGN*


Stay tuned for more photos…


Best Projects on Archilovers 2015

SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* Loft Colonna has been selected as one of the Best Projects on Archilovers 2015. It was voted as one of the most ‘loved’ out of the 50,000 projects published in 2015 on Archilovers.

Thank you all!

Interview: ASZ + Estra

Watch the video shooted in our office in Florence, with Iacopo showcasing our design concept for ESTRA together with Dennis D’Amico, Estra’s marketing director.



Vintage ASZ

This was called “The unbearable lightness of being ASZ“, and was made back in 2007.


Chi va sano…

Chi va sano...

“lo vedi che dai dai rector ha imparato a fare l’erba piĆ¹ realistica!” cit. NS


When we were young

Here’s how 4 of us future partners looked like some years ago (7? 8? couldn’t say for sure… but it was in Livorno @ “Il Sottomarino”).

Maybe it’s about time for new after-work time together, at least to grab pictures we’ll laugh at in few years…