Tech preview

Does this look exciting to you?

Ok, I guess not… a giant leap for mankind, but still -hopefully- one small step for ASZ: we are struggling against time working on a new suspendend light fixture (early code name: BAR) for Buzzi & Buzzi, to be showcased @ Euroluce 2015.
So keep your fingers crossed, and stay tuned…


Penthouse in Shanghai

Pictures taken in our project for a penthouse in Shanghai completed some months ago, for a future publication on Elle Decoration China.


Fritted Glass (revisited)


We have been searching for different kinds of fritted glass lately, mainly to evaluate its use for the glass-house we are designing in Villa Soncino.
Then, some days ago I just stumbled on this on my way home: a broken pane that looks like “fritted”, very intriguing.
So, i wondered: how would it look like to have in Soncino an enormous glass-house which seems broken?

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