•      THE KAPE boutique

    THE KAPE boutique @ Dubai Mall

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  •      DAFZA mall

    Concept design for DAFZA mall in Dubai (UAE)

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  •      Parametric Surfaces

    DXB Design Week 2018 pavilion in Dubai (UAE)

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  •      THE KAPE showroom

    THE KAPE showroom in Dubai Design District

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  •      Elementary School

    Competition entry for a elementary school in Poggibonsi, Siena

    In collaboration with GLM INGENGERIA

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  •      Tennis 360

    Concept for a tennis clubhouse in Dubai

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  •      Birdwatching Nest

    Project entry for birdwatching nest competition.

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  •      BETTair House

    Designed and built for the DUBAI DESIGN WEEK 2017, BETTair-House is a self sustaining environment, that employs the latest achievements in material innovation to demonstrate the importance of clean air to healthy living. Inside the BETTair-HOUSE, a home ecosystem is created with abundant natural vegetation nurtured by the purifying properties of BUZZI & BUZZI light fixtures. This innovative technology is designed to be seamlessly integrated into the wall, making zero environmental impact and actively improving the air in the environment where it's installed. The lights are not merely eco-friendly, they are eco-active, anti-polluting and photocatalytic and work even when the lights are switched off.
    SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* conceived the installation as part of their ethos for next-gen sustainable living, their continuous research in design innovation and their expertise as creators of beautiful contemporary spaces. And as Art Directors for the brand Buzzi & Buzzi, showcasing their groundbreaking technology was a given.

  •      MASEL boutique

    In the old centre of Milan, the new boutique shop for Masel, a young brand of bespoke ties and sartorial accessories hand-crafted in Italy. The shop consists mainly in a small room facing the pedestrian road, which has been given a high visual impact with coloured ropes hanged on walls and ceiling painted in blue. The small facade has been completely renewed following the same color scheme of the interior, but with the old mood of the pre-existing building.

  •      A. DELL’ACQUA

    Concept design for Alessandro Dell'Acqua new boutique in Dubai.

  •      VIVO Restaurant

    Interior design for VIVO fish restaurant in Florence (IT)

  •      SFD* d3 Office

    The idea was to create a unique, vibrant and innovative space aligned with a new vision. Focusing on public relations and having a close interaction with the clients, this showroom was designed to make everyone who steps inside, feel right at home. Positioned at the center of the room and being a key feature in most of our creations, the brass staircase. This symbolic element becomes a major focal point in the room and transports the imagination to an infinite world of possibilities.


    Concept design for JOHN RICHMOND new boutique in Milan (IT).

  •      Meshelter

    Meshelter is a multi-functional community building, our proposal for an innovative and enhanced visitor's experience.
    It acts both as shelter and resting point as well as information tool for the city: distributed along walking/cycling paths and thematic tours. A light weight structure pavilion with a translucent pneumatic membrane which inflates/deflates according to the weather conditions. The air conditioning technology is based on the Venturi effect: hot air flows to the exterior from top similary as in the typical middle eastern architecture wind towers. The pavilion shell is formed by a double skin membrane cushion which “breathes” with the outside through conical openings that allow the hot air flow out. A photovoltaic system of triangular double glass modules guarantees the energy sufficiency.

  •      ORIANA Beauty Salon

    Concept Design for a salon and spa for women. The new concept of this brand reflects the determination to upgrade the overall beauty experience for its clients. Inspired by the pebbles found in a Zen garden, two massive round silhouettes greet the clients as they open the doors. Moving on to the next areas, sound absorbing ceiling curved panels, inspired by the sound waves, penetrate into the hairdressing salon and often come down to the floor to give more privacy through the stations. A vertical garden acts as a focal feature while separating the environments. The use of natural woods, marbles and warm colors complete the look, giving a unique feeling of relaxation and comfort throughout the spaces.

  •      ESTRA Energia

    The main focus for the new design concept of this utility’s company office was to find a way to physically represent their mission and vision in a clean and contemporary style. A shower of pipes bathes the walls, some becoming part of the furniture itself. The colors found in some of them, and also throughout the interior, represent the company’s logo and main identity. The natural wood floors wrapping the far back wall add a bit of warmth to the space, also creating a sense of stability that can only be achieved by this strong traditional material.

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  •      PORTANOVA Lounge Bar

    Fit out and interior design of a restaurant inside the Medieval Walls of Colle Val d’Elsa, near Siena (IT). Located inside the ancient fortress of a medieval town in the Chianti’s countryside, this wine bar is one of a kind. The antique structure of the building paired with our signature modern style, were perfectly integrated to create this wonderful interior. By designing smart pieces of furniture, we were able to provide the flexibility the owner desired. Another feature is the magnificent crystal chandelier hanging 9 meters from the vaulted ceiling, enriching the overall aesthetic of the room where it is located. The use of natural materials, iron, wood and stone combined, created the perfect ambiance to enjoy a bottle of wine or two.
  •      Al Ain Shooting Club

    Shooting Club near Dubai (UAE)
  •      Japanese Restaurant

    A simple meal seems that much more appetizing when paired with appealing finishes, rich decor and alluring lighting. A diverse variety of natural materials are paired with elegant floor patterns and different colored furniture inside this Shanghai restaurant. As the doors open, a stunning cocktail bar welcomes the guests and sets them off in an experience full of surprises. Unique contrasts in a warm color palette characterize each corner of this wide-open layout. Finally, zen gardens, green walls and water fountains entertain the senses in the dining terrace with its vibrant and refreshing design.

  •      Bono Restaurant

    Located on a main street with heavy traffic, the idea was to transform this industrial space into a fast food restaurant with an elegant twist. A key element was the massive lighted logo, with a red horizontal line cutting through it and becoming an inspiration for the long bar counter traveling across the entire façade. A neutral color palette, rich red accents and a touch of green found in the indoor vertical garden, made this place the perfect spot attracting everyone that passed by.
  •      Sirmass Jewellery Store

    The design concept of a private jewelry store in Riyadh (KSA), with the sole purpose of making its clients feel right at home. This was achieved with the use of oversized yet elegant elements, such as long curtain shaped patterns, a beautiful crystal chandelier in the middle of one of the rooms and the use of different soft textures throughout. One of the main features of this project was the flooring, creating a magnificent visual effect going from wood to dark marble, finishing up in a light tone, adding an exquisite final touch to the overall design.

  •      Zini Boutique

    The concept for this retail boutique was based on clean lines and a minimalist style. The idea was to create a neutral canvas where the goods displayed became the main focus. The raw staircase is the most important architectural feature of the space, connecting all levels with its sharp design. Finally, the resin found on the floors and throughout the store helps complete the look for a pleasant shopping experience.
  •      Tornado Tower

    Interior design for two restaurants inside Tornado Tower.
    Due to its location inside the Tornado Tower, the unique circular layout added interest to the space. Elegant yet clean was the main concept for this project. The contrast between the dark stone floors and the light marble walls created the perfect balance. In addition, a ceiling installation helped the acoustics in order to take advantage of the whole space without the need to divide it. Last but not least, the brasserie, where a youthful and fresh design created a flawless recipe.

  •      B&B Euroluce 2016

    As the Art Director of Buzzi & Buzzi since 2011, we take care of their exhibition stand at Euroluce. The main objective was to maximize the use and feel of the space with an open layout. Creating a characteristic design that adapts to the various needs of the exhibit, going hand in hand with the vision of this lighting brand and distinguishing it from the others. In only a few square meters, the two types of products, indoor and outdoor, mingle and coexist harmoniously. The two areas, although different not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also functional and technical, balance each other perfectly. Giving all the attention to the real stars of the show: the design and the light.

  •      Alexander McQueen

    Concept design for a boutique in the outlet mall in the Florence countryside.

  •      Lawyer Office

    Remodeling and interior design of a lawyer’s office in a XVIII century palace Honoring the 18th century building where it is located, elegant, sophisticated yet contemporary are the key words that describe the design concept for the office of this law firm. The new layout sits tastefully on top of the existing floors, revealing its presence through a platform that rises from the ground up. The dark colored frame surrounded by the bright white walls, give a unique dramatic contrast to the space. A prove that just the right elements are needed in order to transform a room and create an innovative design.
  •      Borouge Offices

    Although the design for the common areas of the new Borouge administration building in the western region involved an abundance of plastic, for the private offices a much more sober approach was considered. Elegant and sophisticated, the perfect words to describe the style of these spaces. Three different versions of the same concept were studied in order to differentiate the three main roles of the people in charge.
  •      Hotel Suite

    Sleek design meets absolute comfort.
    A dark u-shaped platform frames the king size bed and divides the sleeping area from the living space; not only housing the television, but also hiding the two sliding doors on each side for complete privacy when desired. Light grey limestone covers the floors and shapes the bathroom fixtures. The furniture pieces create a unique contemporary look, while the wooden wall panels add a warm touch to this modern suite.