•      Umm Suqeim Villa

    New interior design for a villa in Dubai (UAE)
  •      Loft in Barbacane

    A complete transformation of an old barn on the hills of Florence, into a contemporary habitable space. The complete structure was redesigned from the ground up to give it a unique loft style. An open kitchen layout, with a dining area and a family room, are integrated to make entertaining the major purpose of the ground floor. The new staircase becomes the most important element in this interior, connecting all floors and making different parts of the house accessible through its ingenious design. Rays of sunlight illuminate every corner of the house, making it bright and pleasant. What also makes it special is the fact that it is a high energetic performance house, being built with eco-friendly, natural materials. Last but not least, the biggest challenge was to build the two slabs hanged from the ceiling, lighter than the original structure, in order to match the anti-seismic regulations.

  •      Villa Arabian Ranches II

    New interior design for a villa in Arabian Ranches (DUBAI)

  •      Penthouse “I” Tower

    Located in a skyscraper in Dubai Marina, the main purpose of the design concept for this penthouse apartment was to clearly portray the contemporary luxury the developer was looking for. As it did not yet have a specific client, the challenge was to create an elegant yet neutral interior that would suit the needs of a wide range of potential buyers. A combination of rich textures and natural materials, combined with open spaces and hidden service rooms, completed this delightful creation.

  •      Loft Colonna

    Transformation of a small apartment in a XIX century historic building into a loft in the heart of Florence By adding a large, floor to ceiling window to the terrace and creating an open space, natural light was able to travel throughout this new redesigned loft. The major challenge was to bring back to life the authentic elements that once characterized this medieval structure. The main purpose of the new layout was to optimize every corner of the space. The newly open stainless steel kitchen along with the dining area, are the perfect spot for cooking a nice meal while entertaining guests. As our signature, the purpose was to create a modern home while respecting the ancient essence of the original space, merging the two eras in a well-balanced design.  

    Selected for BEST ON ARCHILOVERS 2015
  •      Villa Pergolino

    Transformation of an ancient farmhouse in the Florentine countryside into a modern villa.
    Years after designing his retail boutique, this client comes back to our firm to transform a traditional Tuscan style farmhouse, located in the Florentine countryside, into a bright modern Villa. The once dark wooden ceilings were painted in white to illuminate the space and lighten the overall feeling of the home. Dark metal walls were used to hide passageways and structural elements, while wooden floors added a bit of warmth; creating the clean and contemporary look the client desired.


    Casa Zini blog post: photo preview

  •      Villa Soncino

    This project consists in the full renovation of an ancient farmhouse, 2000 sqm big. The main requirement of the client was to create, from the whole complex of buildings, one independent house for each of the three families. The main challenge was to design each property according to the family’s taste and necessities, while in the meantime keeping them connected as they were rooms of the same house.

  •      Loft NYC

    Two compact apartments located in the borough of Brooklyn. The challenge was to connect the two and transform them into a chic and cozy loft, making the most of the given spaces. This was achieved by creating a major focal element that joined both levels in a dramatic way. By using weathering steel, often known as Corten, this white canvas turned into a work of art.

  •      Penthouse Moskow

    Concept design for the penthouse apartments in Plot 16 skyscraper (SOM design). A panoramic glass wall with astonishing views of the city is the main feature of this penthouse apartment. The design highlights three major elements used throughout: dark marble floors, light marble wall panels and a rich red leather covering some partition walls, creating a deep contrast all around. The white marble panels are backlighted; creating not only an interesting display of light and shadow, but also hiding elements inside as for the kitchen cabinets.
  •      Penthouse SC

    Transformation of an apartment into a modern penthouse in a traditional Chianti village. A duplex apartment located in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, a quiet Tuscan country village surrounded by the Chianti’s landscape. Bright and light, two words that perfectly describe the overall feel of this residence. Big windows flood all the rooms with natural light, while the wood of the floors and other elements give a warm touch to the space.

  •      Penthouse Xintiandi

    Located in the district of Xintiandi, a combination of traditional Chinese elements in a contemporary fashion, are the main features that made this “cool” penthouse come to life.
    A floor to ceiling Green Wall brings some nature inside, while welcoming the guests as they enter this young family’s home. Another major focal point is the spiral staircase with its contrasting colors and the novelty floor lamp meeting you at the bottom. An explosion of colors, antique furniture pieces along with lacquered armoires covered in chinoiserie come together for the perfect eclectic style.

  •      Villa Forbidden City

    Magnificent private Villa in the vicinity of the Forbidden City.
    Due to its location being in the heart of a protected area, the architecture was designed to honor the traditional Chinese style. Although a Siheyuan was clearly spotted from the outside, all of the spaces were connected underground. A two-story void filled the basement levels with natural light, ending in a garden that evoked nothing but relaxation. Classic Chinese features designed in a spotless contemporary manner, made this project the perfect residence.

  •      Luxury Apt Tornabuoni

    The renovation of a historic building in Via Tornabuoni, the street par excellence of Florence, and its 12 luxury apartments facing the building’s courtyard. The main objective was to bring the courtyard to live by creating a long vertical garden that would hug the walls all the way to the roof. Tall wooden boxes extruding from the building, not only allowed the presence of natural light inside, but also, formed the balconies becoming an interesting architectural feature. Indoors, high ceilings, natural woods and pure white walls, completed the look of these sober and elegant spaces. 
  •      Seaside Cabin

    Concept architecture design of a vacation home surrounded by nature with views of the countryside. This clean and sharp architecture blends harmoniously with the horizon. The structure stands on a stone base slightly raised from the ground, giving it a sense of lightness. The copper wall cladding with its turquoise color finishes the look of the exterior with a bit of excitement.
  •      Villa Moskow

    New villa near Moskow (RUS)
  •      Luxury Apt Jesi

    A full renovation of a private residence, located inside a 19th century building in the town of Jesi. The once enclosed areas are now full of light, divided by glass partitions where the opacity can be adjusted to give the rooms some privacy. Leather was used to cover walls in the master bedroom, hiding the closets; and also, in the low storage units adding a bit of texture. Venetian stucco on the walls, along with dark wood and natural stone floors, complete the look adding a rich touch to this modern design.