Concept Design for COLOROBBIA (IT)

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  •      The Bollard

    THE BOLLARD for Buzzi & Buzzi (IT)

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  •      Mu.Table




    Mu.Table is the community table which changes its shape acconding to your needs.
    It is composed by concrete volumes and metal frames with wooden decks. Tables and stools follow the same simple design, the stools can be hanged under the table and the table itself can be rotated of 90 degrees. Very compact in its linear configuration you can easily turn its elements to create more private areas for you and your friends.
    The concrete elements are fixed, the small one can be used as a device charging station and a public fountain, the big one is a flowerbox for a small tree which will make shadow and will make you contemplate the nature. It's a modular system and many kind of aggregation are possible in different situation of space.

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  •      Leaf

    Leaf is an object which concentrates on the relationship with the surface. A slash of light that seems to open the wall, forming a natural crease: a leaf, to be precise.

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  •      Zen

    Zen is the linear pendant luminaire designed by SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* for Buzzi&Buzzi.
    The defined curved shape is the unique feature of a fixture that moves away from the rigorous standards that usually characterise this type of products. Despite of the fact of being a LED, xxx, Zen is not meant to be neither light nor thin. With the ability to be customised on site with wall paint, Zen does not hide itself. It becomes a key element creating a relationship with the space, enriching it with its determined presence, elegant and seductive in its simplicity. Zen is made out of Air-Coral®, an innovative material created by Buzzi & Buzzi, patented and certified. It is characterized by its eco-active, anti-polluting, anti-bacterial and photocatalytic properties, effectively improving the quality of life for those inhabiting the areas where it has been installed.

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  •      Buzzz

    BUZZZ recessed light fixture for Buzzi&Buzzi (IT)

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