•      DAFZA mall

    Concept design for DAFZA mall in Dubai (UAE)

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  •      Parametric Surfaces

    DXB Design Week 2018 pavilion in Dubai (UAE)

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    Contest for ICONIC MOSQUE in Dubai (UAE)

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  •      THE KAPE showroom

    THE KAPE showroom in Dubai Design District

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  •      AUDI Innovation Award

    Submission for the AUDI Innovation Award @ Dubai Design Week 2019 (UAE)

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  •      Riyadh Regeneration Project

    New pavillion showcasing the projects for Riyadh urban regeneration (KSA)

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  •      BETTair House

    Designed and built for the DUBAI DESIGN WEEK 2017, BETTair-House is a self sustaining environment, that employs the latest achievements in material innovation to demonstrate the importance of clean air to healthy living. Inside the BETTair-HOUSE, a home ecosystem is created with abundant natural vegetation nurtured by the purifying properties of BUZZI & BUZZI light fixtures. This innovative technology is designed to be seamlessly integrated into the wall, making zero environmental impact and actively improving the air in the environment where it's installed. The lights are not merely eco-friendly, they are eco-active, anti-polluting and photocatalytic and work even when the lights are switched off.
    SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* conceived the installation as part of their ethos for next-gen sustainable living, their continuous research in design innovation and their expertise as creators of beautiful contemporary spaces. And as Art Directors for the brand Buzzi & Buzzi, showcasing their groundbreaking technology was a given.

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  •      A. DELL’ACQUA

    Concept design for Alessandro Dell'Acqua new boutique in Dubai.

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  •      Meshelter

    Meshelter is a multi-functional community building, our proposal for an innovative and enhanced visitor's experience.
    It acts both as shelter and resting point as well as information tool for the city: distributed along walking/cycling paths and thematic tours. A light weight structure pavilion with a translucent pneumatic membrane which inflates/deflates according to the weather conditions. The air conditioning technology is based on the Venturi effect: hot air flows to the exterior from top similary as in the typical middle eastern architecture wind towers. The pavilion shell is formed by a double skin membrane cushion which “breathes” with the outside through conical openings that allow the hot air flow out. A photovoltaic system of triangular double glass modules guarantees the energy sufficiency.

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  •      Penthouse “I” Tower

    Located in a skyscraper in Dubai Marina, the main purpose of the design concept for this penthouse apartment was to clearly portray the contemporary luxury the developer was looking for. As it did not yet have a specific client, the challenge was to create an elegant yet neutral interior that would suit the needs of a wide range of potential buyers. A combination of rich textures and natural materials, combined with open spaces and hidden service rooms, completed this delightful creation.

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  •      Birdwatching Nest

    Project entry for birdwatching nest competition.

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  •      NEW JEST

    New JeST is an element of passive defense and urban, modular and multi-functional furniture.
    Produced with fully recycled plastic and with a minimal design, New JeST is designed for use on a large scale and can be easily installed and used in any urban context that requires systems to slow down the speed of vehicles, both temporarily and permanently.
    New JeST is based on a simple idea: to maintain the defense elements already widely present in every city, the Jersey Barriers, as a load-bearing element of the protection system, equipping it with colored recycled plastic bodies to create seats, bike racks, planters and pots for trees.
    New JeST stands for New Jersey Stop & Stay, where Jersey is transformed from a security device into a colorful piece of urban furniture, to be lived and shared.

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  •      Villa in Dubai The Lakes

    Interior design for a villa in Dubai (UAE)

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  •      Al Ain Shooting Club

    Shooting Club near Dubai (UAE)

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  •      Advert for B&B

    ADV for BUZZI & BUZZI (IT)

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  •      Villa in Jumeirah 1

    A golden color palette was the main feature in this Arabic Villa. Clean lines and contemporary furniture pieces made this modern design come to live. White marble floors kept the public areas cool, while dark wooden ones in a herringbone pattern, added warmth to the private rooms. Dividing panels concealed on the walls gave the liberty to the clients to keep the spaces open or have some privacy when required.

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  •      Villa J

    A new design and architecture concept of a residential villa located in the ancient town of Jesi. The challenge was to please the client while respecting the strict local regulations. By being allowed to build only one level out of the ground, an artificial hill was created to accommodate a basement. Pushing the walls far from the structure, allowed natural light to illuminate the rooms below as if the level was above ground. Marble played an important roll throughout. It characterised the facades with linear modules, interrupted by large horizontal windows that not only created an interesting feature, but also bathed the spaces inside with sunlight.

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  •      Advert for ASZ

    Adverts for ASZarchitetti (IT)

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  •      Penthouse SC

    Transformation of an apartment into a modern penthouse in a traditional Chianti village. A duplex apartment located in San Casciano in Val di Pesa, a quiet Tuscan country village surrounded by the Chianti’s landscape. Bright and light, two words that perfectly describe the overall feel of this residence. Big windows flood all the rooms with natural light, while the wood of the floors and other elements give a warm touch to the space.

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  •      Tornado Tower

    Interior design for two restaurants inside Tornado Tower.
    Due to its location inside the Tornado Tower, the unique circular layout added interest to the space. Elegant yet clean was the main concept for this project. The contrast between the dark stone floors and the light marble walls created the perfect balance. In addition, a ceiling installation helped the acoustics in order to take advantage of the whole space without the need to divide it. Last but not least, the brasserie, where a youthful and fresh design created a flawless recipe.

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  •      Villa Arabian Ranches I

    Complete indoor-outdoor private Villa renovation for a European client. The main purpose of this project was to combine the desired modern look with a fresh touch, while keeping a connection to the Arabian environment where it is located. New parquet floors added warmth to the newly open layout of the bright kitchen. The overall quality on the inside was enhanced with the use of high-end materials, made in Italy. While the pool gave a new life to the outdoor space; making it the perfect place for family and friends to entertain.

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  •      Bizantini

    Washbasins for I BIZANTINI (IT)
  •      Sirmass artworks

    A set of images made for SIRMASS Jewellery in Riyadh (KSA)

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  •      Fem

    Chandelier for FEM CANDLES (IT)
  •      OPEL SEVAR car dealer

    A mixture of geometric patterns, metal surfaces and a neutral color palette with a pop of yellow, come together to make the clients of this car dealership enjoy the process of car buying as much as enjoying “the ride”.

  •      Borouge Exibition

    The exhibition was located in the atrium among the laboratories of the Borouge Innovation Center. As a passageway on the upper floor divided the space, the idea was to unify all areas through a 3-dimensional interactive path. The design featured a massive blue wave made out plastic tubes, that guided people from start to finish and from left to right, keeping a strong relationship between the user and the manufacturing company.

    Borouge Center blog post: AECCafe.com

  •      Seaside Expansion

    This house stands near the seaside and is surrounded by greenery, making it the perfect location to relax and escape from the routine. By expanding vertically, the new addition of the existing structure becomes a focal element of the architecture. As requested by the client, it stands out creating a visual impact and setting it apart from the neighboring ones. The use of raw concrete gives it a unique look, making it impossible to ignore.

  •      Luxury Apt Tintori

    Remodeling and interior design of a luxury apartment in historical palace near Santa Croce Church.  An apartment located inside a 15th century landmark in the heart of the historic city center. The challenge was to transform the typical floor plan of this renaissance building, composed of several separated rooms, into contemporary spaces suitable for the modern living. The layout was completely redesigned by removing existing walls and opening the spaces. With the use of white throughout the house, contemporary furniture pieces and a spotless stainless steel kitchen, the space became bright and full of energy. A wooden extension serves as the dining table, adding a bit of warmth, making this stylish approach undeniably functional.