•      BETTair House

    Designed and built for the DUBAI DESIGN WEEK 2017, BETTair-House is a self sustaining environment, that employs the latest achievements in material innovation to demonstrate the importance of clean air to healthy living. Inside the BETTair-HOUSE, a home ecosystem is created with abundant natural vegetation nurtured by the purifying properties of BUZZI & BUZZI light fixtures. This innovative technology is designed to be seamlessly integrated into the wall, making zero environmental impact and actively improving the air in the environment where it's installed. The lights are not merely eco-friendly, they are eco-active, anti-polluting and photocatalytic and work even when the lights are switched off.
    SUPERFUTUREDESIGN* conceived the installation as part of their ethos for next-gen sustainable living, their continuous research in design innovation and their expertise as creators of beautiful contemporary spaces. And as Art Directors for the brand Buzzi & Buzzi, showcasing their groundbreaking technology was a given.

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